Arnold Schwarzenegger Celebrates Bruce Willis On Retirement

After decades on the acting scene, Bruce Willis is retiring. His friend and associate Arnold Schwarzenegger recognised how important this moment is and he shared some kind words about his fellow Thespian.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made his thoughts known during an interview with CinemaBlend where he described Willis as a kind man. He also looked back on the action actor’s career, noting that Willis was a huge star. And given the impact Willis made on the film scene, Arnold Schwarzenegger expects him to be remembered in the intervening days as a “great star.”

He should know, perhaps. After all, it takes a great star to recognise another. What’s more, both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis had featured in a couple of flicks together, most notably in “The Expendables” franchise.

Bruce Willis is retiring as a result of what has been dubbed frontotemporal dementia, TDD, which has affected his ability to carry on as an actor. So he made the decision to formally retire from acting and focus on his health. He is fortunate to have the support of his entire family, including his ex-wife Demi Moore. The public has also rallied behind him, praying for his recovery and also wishing him well.

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