Arthur Mafokate Allegedly In Another Fraud Over 2015 New Year’s Eve Party

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The trouble continues for popular Kwaito musician Arthur Mafokate, who is alleged to be involved in another fraud scandal. It’s been one allegation after the other, and it doesn’t appear like it is stopping anytime soon.

Previously, the 999 Record boss was accused of helping himself to funds from the National Lottery Commission and one of his properties, allegedly the product corrupt enrichment, was sealed by the courts.

While South Africans were still processing that, another alleged fraud involving the musician was unearthed. The Democratic Alliance, one of the major opposition parties in South Africa, is accusing Arthur Mafokate of fraud, having allegedly collected money twice for the same party in 2015.

According to the DA, Mafokate collected R1 million from the government and another R711k from the city for the 2015 party which was held at Mary Fitzgerald Square. The party is calling on Mafokate to return part of the money he collected for the party.

At the time of writing, Mafokate appeared indifferent to the allegations against him. Instead, he has been busy advertising his upcoming event, Night with the Legends, which holds in September. The event will be hosted by Somizi Mhlong and feature several musical acts, including the group Trompies.