Arthur Mafokate Loses R7.5m Guesthouse in Midrand In Legal Battle With the SIU

Arthur Mafokate has reportedly lost his R7.5m guesthouse in Midrand in a legal battle with the Special Investigating Unit (SIU).

According to recent reports, famous music executive Arthur Mafokate has lost his bid to save his guesthouse in Midrand, which is worth R7.5 million. Further reports reveal that the SIU received an order from The High Court in 2022 to freeze the guesthouse. It is believed to have been bought with proceeds of money laundering.

Mafokate is caught in another fraud scandal after landing on the DA’s wrong side along with his record label, 999 Music. A recent report by the South African revealed that the music exec had a court sitting on Monday, 30 October 2023, at the Johannesburg High Court.

During the sitting, he withdrew his request to oppose an application submitted by the director of public prosecution, who sought to execute an order to freeze the guesthouse.

He is said to have confused the gallery, who tried to understand if it was a stunt or part of his strategy. They also wondered if he was admitting to being guilty.

The SIU reportedly obtained the order to freeze his guesthouse, which was alleged to have been bought from the proceeds of money laundering. They also have an order to freeze three more of Mafokate’s properties purchased from the proceeds of the lotteries’ grand fund, the National Lotteries Commission.

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