Arthur Mafokate Rues Lack of Recognition For Kwaito Music in South Africa

It appears kwaito isn’t getting all the attention it deserves, and Athur Mafokate, an important voice in kwaito and South African music generally, isn’t pleased about this.

Well, Mafokate is a notable kwaito figure, so his thoughts on the state of kwaito music carry great weight. He may be right in his assessment, as amapiano and gqom appear to have stolen the consciousness of the listening public in South Africa.

Mafokate was one of the kwaito artistes who wooed the Rainbow Nation years back, when kwaito was in the in-thing, with songs like “Mnike” and “Oyi Oyi.” It appears loyalty has since swerved and kwaito has lost much of its following.

In a recent Instagram video showing his dancers decades back, the muso stated that artistes back then respected the stage and their dressing reflected this. He added that South Africa has failed to recognize what Kwaito has done for a lot of young people, adding the genre deserves a place in the country’s heritage sites.

Do you agree with Arthur Mafokate that kwaito deserves more recognition in South Africa but isn’t getting it? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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