Artists On Slik Talk “Trash Talk List”: Cassper Nyovest, Kamo Mphela, Nasty C, AKA, A-Reece & More

Slik Talk is one of those YouTubers who have no qualms speaking their minds on issues and people, no matter what the public might think.

And because he has thrown many famous figures under the bus of his criticisms, some social media users think he’s only seeking attention by abusing and disrespecting others.

One thing is clear, though, Slik Talk “talking trash” about others didn’t start yesterday, and we doubt it’ll end today or tomorrow. Long before his sally against Cassper Nyovest, he had attacked the likes of Bonang, A-Reece, and Boity. Even the late Mpura and Killer Kau were not spared his missiles.

In a post three months back, he had claimed that the amapiano singers were drunk and driving, a situation that led to the fatal accident in which they perished alongside four others.

A month ago, he had also spat in the face of Boity, claiming that she had started the fight with gay activist Bujy Bikwa but couldn’t finish it. The altercation had led to a court case and Bujy spending days in a police cell.

Also, as far as Slik Talk is concerned, amapiano singer Boohle is a fraud. The celebrated singer recently worked with Cassper Nyovest on “Siyathandana,” which was a hit on release.

Boohle isn’t the only one who has been painted with the fraud brush, though. A month after he accused Boohle, he had also made similar accusations against House of BNG boss Bonang.

Two years ago, he had claimed that Enhle Mbali was a gold digger who divorced Black Coffee after “securing the bag.”

In the same year, he had dismissed Reason as a failed rapper. He would continue the same narrative, adding this time that Reason is broke, during a recent appearance on Podcast and Chill With MAcG

Months ago, after Nellie Tembe plunged from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town to her death, Slik Talk had insisted that the late Nellie, as well as her then-boyfriend AKA, was to blame for the tragedy of April 11. In another video, he had claimed that AKA had a hand in Nellie Tembe’s death.

Interestingly, while many had nailed “Black & White,” a song for which nasty C had co-opted the American Ari Lennox, Slik Talk insists the song was overrated, and Nasty C’s performance of the same on the Ellen DeGeneres Show an embarrassment.

the latest person to be hit by Slik talk’s critical hammer is Cassper Nyovest. According to Slik Talk, The Braai Show,  which is being hosted by the Family Tree boss, is terrible.

Slik’s statement particularly riled Cass and he challenged the YouTuber to a boxing match. Funny enough, Slik has accepted.

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