Asante and Kairo Bust Moves In New Video

Adorable sisters Asante Mohosana and Kairo Forbes bust moves in a TikTok video shared by their parents.

Mzansi has come to adore DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz’s kids, Asante Mohosana and Kairo Forbes. The sisters share a bond that all of the fans and everyone admires. They also seem to love music as much as their parents.

A recent video shared by their parents on TikTok showed the girls enjoying Lady Amar and Murumba Pitch’s big hit “Hamba Juba.” They loved the song so much that they did a little dance when it really hit them. Fans also noticed that Kairo has similar moves to her late dad.

Mzansi was so impressed that they gushed over the girls in the comments. A fan noted that they both have big personalities, while another pointed out Kairo’s moves like her late father’s.

There is no doubt that the girls are being raised with so much love. Not too long ago, Zinhle’s husband, Murdah Bongz, shared a video with the sweetest caption revealing how much his daughters mean to him. Fans have since labeled him “Father of the Year.” He often takes them to picnics and does not hesitate to gush over them.

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