Ashleigh Ogle Accusses Flvme of Assault

It looks like another war is imminent between and his ex-girlfriend after the two separated acrimoniously.

is said to have a habit of shading her now and then but without mentioning her name. For her part, is always quick to see herself as the butt of the rapper’s tweets, and she never fails to respond each time, mentioning him.

In a recent tweet, Flvme, who’s currently working on an album, had stated that the last lady he had intercourse with lied and tried to publicly embarrass him. For this reason, according to him, the album will not be about her.

Of course, was the only one who had tried to “publicly embarrass” him. She caught his shade. Responding, she had accused him of being a woman beater while also urging him (as her lawyers had allegedly done) to leave her alone before she reacts.

A fan had shared a screenshot of her response to Flvme, tagging the rapper to it. In response, had tweeted five laughing emojis as well as a few words wondering why she thinks she was the one referred to in his tweet. You can check out the tweets below.

Well, what do you think?