Astro Singer Moon Bin Dead At 25

Twenty-five, 25, is not an age many would like to leave the material plane at. People of this age are still considered young and have the world ahead of them — so much more to achieve. But then, sometimes, life doesn’t go according to plans and wishes, and people die young.

Sadly, that was the tragic fate of the South Korean singer and model, Moon Bin, a member of the singing collective Astro. The songster has just been reported dead at 25, and his fans are devastated.

According to multiple reports, the musician himself took his own life. He was found dead at his home in Seoul, South Korea, yesterday, Wednesday, April 19. The reason for his suicide remains unclear at the time of writing.

The South Korean police confirmed the singer’s death while also affirming the prevailing opinion that it appears the singer took his own life.

Fentagio, the record label to which Moon Bin is signed, confirmed the death as well, in a statement shared on its verified Twitter page, which you can check out below.

Astro Singer Moon Bin Dead At 25 2

Since the news broke of Moon Bin’s death, social media has been bubbling with fans sharing their best memory of the musician and what he meant for the culture.

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