At 79, Robert De Niro Welcomes 7th Child

There’s a common joke flying on social media right now at the expense of celebrated actor Robert De Niro. Some tweeps are sharing the irreverent joke that the actor is still a pretty good “striker,” having just “scored a goal” – had his seventh child – at the age of 79.

For many people, at 79 they should already be retired and play with their grandkids. But the actor isn’t just yet. His choice, of course.

For a while now, many people only knew the prolific actor as a father of six. But for his clarification during an interview, many would probably still have remained in the dark about the number of kids he has.

During a sit=down with Britnees Blair, the reporter had told the celebrated actor that she knew he had six kids. To that, he had responded that he had seven actually, the most recent having just been added to his family. Blair had to apologise for her mistake.

It was a big surprise at the time, and some journalists had to contact his representative to determine what he said wasn’t a prank. The response was positive. The actor indeed recently had his seventh child.

The actor had his first child, Drean, by adoption in 1976, and he has not looked back.

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