At Last American Rapper Bobby Shmurda Released From Prison

Ackquille Pollard, the American rapper who goes by the stage name Bobby Shmurda, has been released from prison.

The songster’s release was long expected. Now that he is out of the slammer, his fans are jubilant – as is the songster himself.

The “Shmoney Dance” hitmaker was sent to the slammer in 2014 on drug and gang-related charges. He police had reportedly found drugs and firearm in his car and taken him into custody.

He was eventually charged to court in New York  and jailed seven years.

His release is currently generating excitement across music cicles around the world, especially among those who had been wowed by “Shmoney Dance” tune.

By the way, the songster recently informed the world that his old Instagram account was hacked. He has opened another account, though, courtesy of his team, and managed to row it to over one million followers.

He thanked his fans and others instrumental to his reaching the one million. With his release, Bobby Shmurda joins a long list of American rappers who have had a stint in jail.

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