At Last, Londie London Reveals Her Man (Video)

If you have been wondering who Londie London’s bae might be, you’re in luck, peeps. The singer herself has just shared a clip of her man – at last.

About whom her man might be, Londie London was a big tease, revealing nothing. Well, until recently. Apparently, she had a time out or date with her man, a dark-complexioned bod, and decided to share a clip of them together.

In the clip which she shared on Instagram, she noted that it was a fun day with her man. Although she let fans see her man’s face, she shared no details about him. Maybe those will be revealed later.

From the responses to her clip, it was clear some fans were unsatisfied with what she shared and were hungry for more details. But Londie London, who combines music and business, is in no mood to share the details. You can check out the clip below.

From the look of things, Londie London appears to have taken a break from music, focusing on other ventures. But then she’s apparently happy in the direction her life is taking, including in being a new mother and having a healthy relationship with her man.

What do you think, though?

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