At Last, ThackzinDJ’s Izwelonke Feat. Boohle & Teejay Goes Gold

ThackzinDJ’s “Izwelonke” has gone gold finally. The song features the singers Boohle and Teejay.

ThackzinDJ announced his gold triumph yesterday 5 August 2020 via his Instagram page, thanking fans for their support from day one. The win left him lachrymal – or so he made apparent with the crying emoji. It was clear from the responses that fans were enamoured of the track and still are. They were equally pleased it finally earned a gold plaque.

At Last, Thackzindj'S Izwelonke Feat. Boohle &Amp; Teejay Goes Gold 2

If you missed the song on release, you can listen to it below, if you please.

It may have been a year since the song’s release, but “Izwelonke” retains its charms like it has only just popped on Mzansi’s music horizon. Also, ThackzinDJ and Boohle have worked on several other songs as well.

Who, for instance, can forget Boohle’s original mix “Memeza,” which also features Teejay? Or her “Ukuhamba (Original Mix),” which has ThackzinDJ and Caras vibing with the beat as well?

One can only hope the troika of “Izwelonke” drops more numbers in the coming days. if they could win with that number, they can win with another.

How do you like “Izwelonke”  and what do you think of it going gold? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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