At Least 22 Deaths At East London Are Being Looked Into By South African Authorities

According to provincial health officials and the presidency, South African authorities are looking into the deaths of at least 22 young people who were discovered inside a well-liked bar in the coastal town of East London. State-run SABC said that the deaths might have been the consequence of a stampede, but provided little other details because the precise cause of death was yet unknown.

According to Siyanda Manana, a representative for the Eastern Cape province health department, the bodies will be taken to state morgues where relatives are anticipated to assist in identifying both male and female fatalities.

“We are going to immediately be embarking on autopsies so we can know the probable cause of death,” he explained to Reuters, as forensic experts kept going with their investigation at the crime scene at Enyobeni Tavern, which was still sealed off.

“We are talking 22 bodies right now,” Manana continued, mentioning that toxicological testing were a component of the assessment.

President Cyril Ramaphosa offered his condolences to the families who had been impacted and expressed his concern about the conditions in which young people, maybe under the age of 18, were permitted to congregate at the tavern. After the investigations are over, the law must be allowed to run its course, according to Ramaphosa.

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