Atandwa Kani Celebrates Being A Part Of Marvels “What If…” Animated Series – Watch

Atandwa Kani, the son of celebrated South African actor John Kani, has just pulled off a movie coup of sorts, snagging a spot in the Marvel animated series “What If…”

Ahead of the official release of the second season of the series, Marvel Studios teased the official trailer for its fans to get an idea of what was imminent. One of those who saw the trailer was Atandwa Kani, who came screaming online almost as soon as he he saw the trailer.

Taking to his official X account, he had excitedly told his followers that he is the voice of King T’Chaka in the series. “Oh snap!! That’s me!! That’s my voice!! KING T’CHAKA!!!” He declaimed in the caption. His excitement was infectious, as his compatriots thronged his comment section to celebrate the win as well.

It is the first time his voice would be used in a Marvel animated series, so the moment holds special significance for him and indeed for South Africans, who are known to celebrate their own when the need arises. Well, all eyes are now set to lap up the full season of “What If…” which also features the likes of Hela, Nebula and Happy Hogan.

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