Award-winning Make-up artist Islyn Salie On Making Characters Come To Life on TV

Award-winning Make-up artist Islyn Salie opens up about bringing characters to life on TV.

A recent article by IOL focuses on Award-winning Make-up artist Islyn Salie who shines as one of the most talented make-up artists in television today. She is the mastermind behind the stunning looks on the popular local soapie, “Suidooster.” She helps transform actors and actresses into the characters they perform as on TV.

The publication’s contributor Riedwaan Jacobs wrote about giving Suidooster’s head of hair and make-up, Islyn Salie, a challenge. Jacobs requested that Salie,

“Make my face look like an actor who needs to appear as though the character Nazeem has beaten him up. Upon arrival, I was escorted to Salie’s make-up department, where her talented sister and second-in-command, Charlene Goliath-Green, was attending to some cast members. I was seated in Salie’s chair, and the magic began.”

Jacobs wrote that in record time, he was transformed into a battered and bruised man.

“I was astonished to see my reflection, with one eye appearing smaller than the other. Salie had used all her skills and tricks to transform me.The hair and make-up hub at the studios seems like the heart of this soapie. The feeling of one big happy family hangs in the air with no diva personalities around – everyone is grounded and works very hard towards the final product. Islyn Salie’s make-up magic makes her subject look heavily beaten up.”

Charlene Goliath-Green and her sister, IslynSalie spoke about their work.

“Working long hours at the studios means we’re in it together. I don’t have to worry about him being home while I’m still working. We understand the demands and hours of the TV production industry, and the support comes naturally,” Salie says.

As the head of her department, Salie is made aware of the story ahead of time so she can meticulously plan for each character.

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