A;ways Playing The Victim? Emtee Claps Back At MacG

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Emtee does not run away from a fight, especially when he believes he was wronged. He has just shown this side of himself again with his response to MacG’s recent claim on Podcast and Chill.

In a recent episode of his podcast, MacG, in response to co-host Ghost, had noted that Emtee is fond of playing the victim. But is he? After what should pass for a brief silence, the “Prayer” chanter has got a response for the podcast host.

Reacting to MacG’s claims, Emtee wondered how he was (always) playing the victim. He wondered if he should just keep quiet and laugh like all is okay when “these dogs” attack him. He made it clear he would always stand up for himself. If he doesn’t, who will? You can check out his tweet below.

At the time of writing, MacG had not said anything about Emtee’s response. If he responds, we will, of course, bring the same to you.

Emtee and MacG have been in conflict for a while. So MacG’s recent take and Emtee’s response to the same might not come as a surprise to many. The songster had previously criticised Macg for bringing artists to his platform to perform without paying them.