Ayanda Borotho Talks Body Insecurities & Current Body Positivity

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South Actress actress Ayanda Borotho is all for body positivity and she showed this much in a recent post on her official Instagram page. She is very confident in her body. But it has not always been that way.

It was a moment of candour for her as she share a picture of herself in a particular pose, which she said is the way people pose these days – sideways such that the derriere is revealed in its opulent glory.

She admitted having suffered from some of the worst body insecurities in her life. Of course, her body had changed over time, with childbirth and all. Yet some people expect her at over 40 to still have the same body as her 20–year–old self

Anyway, those changes are just matters of biology- inevitable. Still. In the intervening years, she has worked on herself and has gotten a body that might still be described as impressive. You can check out her post below.

As a celebrity, Ayanda Borotho is always in the public eye. So it is inevitable that people will notice the transformation in her body and that some will comment on it. Sure, it is her body, but she might not have control over how people might react to it.