Ayanda Ncwane’s Video Sermons Provoke Concern And Controversy – Watch

Is Ayanda Ncwane okay? That is one question some netizens have been asking after she shared a video sermon on her YouTube channel. In the clip. She could be seen giving a sermon on the topic “Hello Tomorrow – Goodbye Yesterday.”

In the said clip, she appeared to have attempted to speak in tongues while delivering her sermon. That was what generated controversy among netizens and made many question whether she is okay. According to her critics, it doesn’t appear like she is okay.

The action, some insisted, does not really stem from someone under the influence of the Holy Spirit but someone trying to seek attention by performative action. The said video is available at the end f this post.

At the time of writing, Ayanda Ncwane, the widow of the late gospel musician Sfiso Ncwane, had not responded to her critics and those who thought she was up to something or under some influence. She doesn’t seem like someone who cares too much about what people say about her, though.

The YouTube sermons series is something she had promised. And she has delivered. How the public takes her delivery is not exactly something she has control over. Or is it?

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