Ayanda Thabethe Addresses “Divorce” From Andile Ncube

Ayanda Thabethe has decided to set the records straight after controversial blogger Khawula tweeted about the media personality not speaking about the reason for her divorce from Andile Ncube.

She reacted almost immediately, noting that they never really got divorced because they never signed a contract in the first place. So, should get his facts straight first, according to her.

And when someone asked about her customary marriage, she noted that all factors regarding her customary marriage were handled.

Amid the controversy, she also clarified that she doesn’t mind being reported. But the people reporting her just have to get their facts straight – report the truth.

Another asked her to block if his content bores her. She answered that she’s well aware of that option but wants to know when someone is speaking rubbish about her.

And yet another fan indicated that was merely craving attention and that Ayanda should do well to starve him of what he’s craving. You can check out the exchanges below.

Ayanda is one of several celebs who have denied what had written about them. He’d previously reported on DJ Sbu, Andile Mpisane, and AKA. Who’s next? Stay tuned, yáll.

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