Ayanda Thabethe Confirms Relationship With Peter Matsimbe, Mzansi Can’t Deal

Ayanda Thabethe is under fire for having lied about her life and her relationship with a married man. 

Previously, the media personality stated in May that she isn’t dating a married man, nor would she date one. She had also made it clear that she doesn’t have a child for a married man, nor would she have one. 

She shared those words amid claims that she was dating the married man Peter Matsimbe.

Well, it turned out the claims were valid, after all. Ayanda herself had revealed that after hiding it for a while. 

The giveaway was her sharing a picture of a cake with Peter’s name on it and wishing him a happy birthday. 

The post provoked condemnation from many social media users, including the ladies. Many wondered out loud why she should do that to a fellow woman. 

Well, Ayanda has no words for those condemning her actions. Instead, she’s shared more pictures and photographs of her adventures with Peter in Dubai. 

Some peeps aren’t surprised, though, as they claimed in tweets that wealthy “patrons” had been sponsoring her expensive lifestyle since she stopped working at Top Billing. 

But what does the future really hold for the two?

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