Ayanda Thabethe Details Horrific Experience With A Birth Control Device

Kids might be considered blessings in the African culture, but it’s not everyone who want to get pregnant. At least some people plan their lives in such a way that they only get pregnant when and only we’ll they are ready – when they want to.

One such person is actress’s Ayanda Thabethe. At some point in her life, she had used a birth control device in the market. It may have been a while since she used that, but the experience is forever etched in her memory.

A video shared by a Tik Toker known as Hernandez about her experience (“horrific,” according to her) with an intrauterine device (IUD), ignites memories of Ayanda’s experience. And she shared the same with her fans.

Her experience, she stated, was similar to the Tik Toker’s. The devi e disappeared in her body and she had to take an x-ray to locate it. With the help of surgery, she was able to get the device out of her body.

She’s grateful the surgery was a success. As a result of her experience, an IUD is something she’d never try again. Her fans were in the comments to support her, with many sharing she had a near miss.

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