Ayanda Thabethe On Claims She Did Cosmetic Surgery On Her Boobs

South African television host has denied that she did a boob job – not that she owes anyone any explanation if she should decide to do something to her body though.

Not long ago, social media users were claiming that she had done cosmetic surgery on her boobs to make them perky and more attractive.

In a series of tweets, she deplored the fact that social media has made people feel entitled to other people’s personal lives and life choices.

In another tweet, she wondered why people feel nettled to information about other people’s cosmetic surgeries when they are not the ones paying for the surgeries. Those who elected to go under the knife owe no one answers on what they decide to do with their bodies, according to her.

She insisted that she didn’t do her boob, insisting she’s incredulous that people should be discussing her boobs. She insisted that her boobs – splendid as they are – are from God. Pure genetics. You can check out her tweets below.

By the way, isn’t the first celeb to have come under public scrutiny for allegedly doing a boob job. Across the world, celebs have been similarly criticized. In her case, though, she didn’t go under the knife.

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