Ayanda Thabethe shares her take on Load shedding

Mzansi TV star, Ayanda Thabethe shares her take on as the country veers into level 4.

One of the most talked about topics on social media right now is load shedding. Earlier this week, the country entered level 4 load shedding, and it has been all everyone has talked about. While some have complained, others have found new means to cope with all of it.

Sharing her thoughts on the matter, Ayanda Thabethe took to Twitter to subtly call out the “rich” people who have been complaining about it. In her opinion, if anyone can afford Gucci, they can also afford to buy an inverter.

With that, she believes “there is really no need for you to know what is”. Of course, an inverter gives power immediately the main source goes goes out. A lot of her followers also agree with her. Hopefully, people actually take her advice.

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