Ayanda Thabethe’s Baby Daddy Peter Matsimbe Allegedly Wanted For Fraud

Even while Ayanda Thabethe celebrated her child’s first birthday and shouts out to her baby daddy Peter Matsimbe, the South African authorities are reportedly on his heels for alleged fraud. The businessman has reportedly been in court for the past for years for refusing to return 10 luxury vehicles in his care.

Hitherto an “unknown” personality. Matsimbe had risen to fame when it emerged that he was dating the former beauty queen and now a reality show star. He has been in the public eye since.

According to multiple reports, a warrant of arrest has been issued for Matsimbe, who is also said to be at large at the time of writing. He currently has a child with Ayanda Thabethe and is said to be expecting another with her.

Court documents indicate that Matsimbe has been in contempt of the court for failing to carry out the court order to deliver the assets (10 luxury vehicles) to the applicants.

Already, there are indications that some of the cars may have left South Africa through the Mozambique border.

Ayanda Thabethe herself has been largely detached from the whole drama. She wouldn’t be dragged into it. Her most recent Instagram post indicated she is pleased with her relationship with him and cannot do without him.

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