Azania Mosaka Responds To Claims That She Is Being Investigated for Allegedly Kidnapping Her Gardener

Azania Mosaka Takes Over From Dineo Ranaka At Kaya 959 FM

Kaya FM Presenter Azania Mosaka has responded to claims that she is being investigated for allegedly kidnapping her gardener.

Social media has been flooded with reactions after newly appointed Kaya FM presenter Azania Mosaka’s gardener, identified as Themba Khumalo, accused her of kidnap. The radio presenter has finally responded to the claims and told her side of the story.

Khumalo told the press that she lured him to a house to work and sent men to kidnap him and beat him up. Speaking to City Press, Azania Mosaka slammed the claims and revealed the man had stolen from her neighborhood and her home. She said,

“He had done work for different houses, and he had stolen a cell phone from one of them. The police had gone to his house but to no avail. For me, the lesson is that if you’re going to hire people, you need to have a record of who they are and where they come from.”