Azania Mosaka Takes Over From Dineo Ranaka At Kaya 959 FM

Azania Mosaka Takes Over From Dineo Ranaka At Kaya 959 FM

It has often been said that what one person sees as a problem or trouble, another might see as a blessing. That is actually the reality of South African media personality Dineo Ranaka right now. After losing her job at Kaya FM, she is out in the cold, with another person picked as her replacement.

Meet Azania Mosaka. She is the lady who is replacing Dineo at Kaya FM. Azania is no tyro n the industry, having occupied similar positions in the past. And she is pumped about taking the new job.

But how did Dineo come to lose out at Kaya FM? It all started after she popped online and informed the world that she was battling with depression and was just suicidal. She would have taken her life but for fear of what might happen to her children. (She’s a single mother).

The station gave her some time off to take care of her mental health. She had flown to the United States after that. Theres she gave a speech to a group, advising them to take their mental health seriously.

Anyway, she was soon fired from her position. And now comes Azania. There is great excitement over her coming.