Babes Wodumo Defends AKA Following Twar With Cassper

Babes Wodumo defends AKA's twar with Cassper Nyovest

Babes Wodumo defends AKA after his Twar with rival, Cassper Nyovest.

Literally everyone in Mzansi was shocked on Thursday morning to witness all the hell AKA raised on Cassper Nyovest. Like a burst pipeline, the tweets kept coming, and fans couldn’t believe he dragged Mufasa’s parents into it. By the way, he called his dad “deadbeat”, and his mother a “b**ch”.

Replying, Mufasa announced that he’d never crossed that line with anyone because he was raised different. He also said the battleline had been drawn. Well, Babes wodumo, as usual weighed in on the matter, and simply told Mufasa, he started it.

In our opinion, isn’t it best to just let the two rappers fight their battles without butting in? Well, everyone knows Babes will always air her opinion no matter what. She even had a good advice for Mufasa though, she told him to not start something he cannot finish.

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