“Babes Wodumo Is Possessed!” Says Father

Babes Wodumo's Dad calls her possessed

Babe’s Wodumo’s dad cries out to the media that she is possessed.

If you’re a resident in Mzansi, then this shouldn’t come to you as a shock. We all know that people are constantly possessed by either their enemies, or friends, and many times by their lovers here.

We have all heard stories of it, so it doesn’t come as a shock hearing Bishop Welcome Simelane say has used dark forces to possess his daughter and keep her from leaving. He also called on church-goes to help pray for her.

Speaking to Daily Sun, he said,

“Sometimes she does strange things. She behaves like a possessed person. It’s like she’s out of her mind. She’s tried to leave many times, but he lures her back. I’m hurting because he won’t let her go.”

He also revealed they don’t let him know what’s going on with them.

“It’s unhealthy and I don’t like it. Their relationship is on and off. I don’t know what’s happening between them. They no longer update me, but as a father I can see things aren’t okay. I’ll have to wait and see.”

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