Back To The Basics: Jeannie Mai Putting Herself First In 2024

Usually for most people – and this transcends industries – a plan is made for the New Year before it eventually arrives. This usually comes in the dying days of December, close to the arrival of the New Year.

Some people would call it New Year resolutions and some would just describe it as critical decisions for the New Year. Either way, a decision is made. Jeannie Mai is one person who has made a decision regarding 2024.

The year 2023 was one of many adventures and also many lessons. From those, she has got an idea of how best to navigate her 2024. For her, the coming year is one in which she puts herself first.

Of course, as humans, it is inevitable that we have competing interests and competing priorities. Jeannie Mai has hers, at least. But 2024 is not the year of anything-goes for her.

Nope. By her own account, putting herself first means a lot of things, including what some people would describe as going back to the basics like taking care of her health, eating on time and everything else in between that ensures she doesn’t keel over from mental and psychological pressure.

That’s the same route we expect a lot of people will take in 2024 as well.

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