Back to Work — Heavy K Rules Out Beef With MacG Over Alleged Comment On Black Coffee’s Album

Black Coffee’s first Grammy Award win was a source of great excitement in South Africa, and many commended him for that career milestone. 

Interestingly, while others were celebrating with the international DJ and producer, Heavy K spent the same period correcting what he said were wrong comments made about him by of Podcast and Chill. The podcast host had claimed that Heavy K had described Black Coffee’s Grammy-winning album, “Subconsciously,” as pap

Reacting to that claim, Heavy K made it clear that he never said au h about the album. To support this, he also shared a snippet from the interview and his conversation with Black Coffee about it. 

He asked to apologise from the same platform he’d lied, but MacG G wasn’t having it. He described Heavy K as a narcissist in a clip which you can check out below. 

Fans thought was in the wrong, however, and they called him out for failing to apologise after telling a lie about the Drum Boss. 

And for those who might think he’s developed a beef with as a result, Heavy K made it clear in a tweet that he’s back to work and has no time to beef anyone.

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