“Bad Boys 4” On The Way, Say Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Announce – Watch

The nomination list for this year’s Oscars (Academy Awards) has been released but Will Smith’s name wasn’t on it and would be on the list for at least the next nine years. But who cares? The celebrated actor is still doing what he loves best – acting – and he has just come up with something exciting. He and his partner Martin Larence have just announced “Bad boys 4.”

The excitement the announcement has generated is best imagined, Across the world, fans of the duo are saying they can’t wait until the film is released.

“Bad Boys” is an action film with a bit of comedy, and since its first emergence, it had snagged the attention of the film-loving public, with each instalment seemingly holding more attention than the first. And now, fans could savour something equally exciting – the fourth instalment of the series.

“It’s about that time!” declaimed Martin Lawrence in an Instagram clip featuring Will Smith. The duo had announced the coming of “Bad Boys 4,” setting off a wave of excitement across the world.

It’s unclear how the fourth instalment would be received, But if the current reception of the announcement is anything to go by, then fans should expect another explosive run for the “Bad Boys” franchise.

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