Bad Bunny Popping as El Muerto in Sony Marvel Series

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny is taking a leap into the world of acting with a coming feature on Sony’s El Muerto Movie 

The Latin Grammy winner will be the eponymous character of the movie, and he’s also known as Juan Carlos, a powerful wrestler who had challenged Spider-Man in a charity wrestling bout. 

Although his appearance in the Marvel universe is a milestone and a gleaming addition to his resume, Bad Bunny has said nothing about it on his Instagram page. His last post on that platform was on April 1, and it in no way references the movie he’ll be a part of the upcoming movie.

The El Muerto character was Bad Bunny’s idea, actually. The celebrated musician had delved into the Spider-Man universe for a character that would suit him. He had come up with El Muerto, and the producers liked the idea. So in the coming days, movie lovers may well look forward to the musicians as El Muerto, the first Latin superhero to get his own film in the Marvel universe. It’s all the more interesting because Bad Bunny has been mum about the role so far. 

All the same, it’s clear that fans are excited about what’s imminent.

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