Bala Brothers Announce Death Of Stepfather Sebenzile Jafta

Death in the family is usually pretty hard to process. But then, death is inevitable and people get used to a part of them no longer existing. The Bala brothers faced this reality recently.

The Bala brothers have just announced the death of Sebenzile Jafta, who happens to be not just their stepfather but a reality show star as well.

In a post on his official Instagram page. Loyiso Bala announced the death of Sbenzile, pointing out that the family is saddened to announce his death, which happened on February 10.

While the family hoped he would be fine after having been taken to the hospital, the hope was sadly dashed.

Zee Bala shared a similar message on his Instagram page. But unlike Loyiso, he didn’t write in English. Instead, he opted for one of the local languages – perhaps to ensure the message gets to those who might not understand English. Check it out below.

Burial details for the late actor have not been given at the time of writing. But the details are expected to be out soon as the family puts the finishing touches to the plans to bury one of their own.

Sebenzile will be missed for his contributions to South Africa’s film industry

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