Basetsana Kumalo Celebrates 50th Birthday In Style

Media mogul Basetsana Kumalo celebrated her 50th birthday in style.

After basking in the news of her victory in court over Jackie Phamotse, Basetsana Kumalo celebrated her 50th birthday in the best way. She shared a post writing,

“My birthday falls on on Good Friday and you know what, its going to be a good Friday. Three days of celebration and thanksgiving.”

“Saturday we are going to be having a gratitude gala dinner, so it’s going to be special. Sunday we having a thanksgiving picnic.”

She also shared another post where she detailed her life’s journey, writing,

“When I came into public life thirty years ago, I was embraced by the love of a nation, a rainbow nation in the new South Africa. A new democracy, a new dispensation, a new dawn, a new country.”

“Throughout all these years I have experienced a love of a nation in the most beautiful way.”

“The zeitgeist of winning Miss South Africa in 1994 and being part of the first democratic elections was a poignant moment for me. I couldn’t have scripted it myself even if I had tried.”

“Over the years, I have been supremely blessed with an incredible family, my husband and my children. What joy they bring to my life. I am one highly favoured woman.”

In a video shared by MDN News, she was seen dancing with her husband at her birthday party.


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