Batho Batho (Linked To Shell) Donated R15 million to ANC

A recent IEC report reveals that South African company, Batho Batho (with links to Shell) donated a total of R15m to the ANC.

The recently released IEC report of the last quarterly donations to political parties in South Africa has got everyone talking. It revealed that Batho Batho Trust, a company with links to Shell (the multinational oil and gas company that has the government’s support for seismic exploration off the Wild Coast) donated R15m to the ANC in the third quarter.

Well, everyone is talking about it because it was the single largest donation that was declared in the IEC report between October and December 2021. This was the same time when there was public outrage over Shell’s seismic exploration plans. The report revealing the donations to the big 5 political represented in Parliament was shared on Tuesday, February 22 by the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC).

It also revealed a first time declaration of funding by the EFF. Of all the donations made to the parties, the ANC snagged the most. They received a total of R22,803,969. 15 million of this sum was donated by Batho Batho Trust. The IEC report reads “The largest amount of a single monetary donation declared is the R15 000 000 donated by Batho Batho Trust and declared by the ANC.”

Batho Batho Trust is also known for its association with the ANC. A recent report by News24 states that “it holds about 47% of the black-owned investment group, Thebe, which has a 28% stake in Shell’s downstream business in South Africa”.

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