BBC Documentary “This Is Amapiano” Hosted By Da Kruk Illumines The Piano Genre

It is not the oldest genre in town, yet amapiano’s rise and continued dominance in South Africa’s music space is nothing short of magical. Not surprisingly, it caught the attention of the BBC, which wasted no time sharing a documentary about it.

The brain behind this initiative is no other than Da Kruk, a disc jockey and producer. His “This Is Amapiano” documentary on the British platform amplifies the genre and its contributions to the music scene in South Africa.

A walk through the history of the genre shows that its growth is nothing short of revolutionary. From an unknown genre that only a few would play, and which many scoffed at and shared a timeline of death about, the genre has become the in-thing in South Africa.

How did it get to this? Would the interest in the genre continue to grow? There are so many questions regarding this genre which has unseated gqom and even locked hip hop out of the way.

But there are also answers from Da Kruk. They’re all in the documentary, which you can check out below.

Given amapiano’s continued evolution, the documentary might stand as a pedestal to further research about the genre.

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