BBMzansi: DBN Gogo & Speedsta Wow Big Brother Housemates, Fans Appreciate Them

Big Brother Mzansi is currently trending in South Africa, and it appears like there would be no end to the drama and the interest in the reality show.

Well, that’s what South Africans are saying following the Saturday night party at the Big Brother House, where singer DBN Gogo performed.

Fans who saw the performance were so impressed that they took to social media to share their delight with what she did that night.

One fan noted that DBN Gogo’s performance hit very, very hard and that it cannot be undone.

DJ Speedsta was also on the ground for a performance as well, and fans thought he was just as good and made the time spent watching the show worth it. Some viewers were not impressed, though. And they considered him a disappointment.

The Big Brother Mzansi reality show is currently in its third season. The show was ditched after its second season for lack of sponsorship, leaving many across South Africa moody.

With the announcement and commencement of the third season, the smiles appeared to have returned to the fans of the soaraway show. Viewers have been glued to their screens since the show returned, hyping the housemates they want to win.

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