BBMzansi, Gash1 becomes Head of House and Nthabi becomes Deputy Head of House for week 4

There have been some interesting changes in the house, with Gash1 emerging as the new head of house and Nthabi taking over as his deputy.

And while he isn’t the first head of house since the start of season 3 of the reality show, he’s more than thrilled to be head and to start enjoying the privileges of that position.

Gash1 had aced a task and snapped the head of house position in the reality show which is currently in its fourth week.

As the new head of the house, he, as well as his deputy, is entitled to nominate housemates for possible eviction this week. He already has Vyno, Bu, Venus and Nale on his for possible eviction.

Nthabi, on the other hand, has got vyno, Norman, Thato and BU on her for possible evictions.

Evictions are seen as avenues for housemates to settle scores with those they either don’t like or just don’t vibe with. It remains to be seen, though, who and who will leave the house on the net eviction.

For now, Gash1 and Nthabi are enjoying the new power their position confers on them. The head of house position is

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