BBMzansi: Gash1, Themba & Sis Tamara’s Ramp Up Support for their Faves

Expectations are pretty high as the third season of the reality show Big Brother Mzansi nears its conclusion.

The show has been heavily factionalized, with viewers supporting their faves in their efforts to ensure they win.

Themba, Gash1 and Sis Tamara are among the favourites to win the R2 million cash prize. And their fans have stopped at nothing to ensure they emerge victorious at the end of the day.

Among the most vocal so far are Sis Tamara Fans (Tamaritans). They are on Twitter, urging others to join their fold and register new numbers to vote for their faves.

Some fans of the show are not just campaigning for Themba; they’re congratulating the housemate on having become the latest veto power holder. And yet some are incredulous that Themba somehow managed to make it to the finals.

Gash1’s fans are on the other side of the spectrum. They are not surprised. As far as they are concerned, their fave merits being in the final, and he will ultimately go home with the prize money. And because of how he treats Thato, some viewers are already calling him the boyfriend of the year. But You can check out the opinion mix.

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