#BBMzansi: Terry Wins The Games & Mpho Moves On

Terry wins the Friday night Arena games and moves on with life on the show.

It is undeniable that the show has been nothing short of entertaining. Fans of the show have watched two females find themselves as the show has aired over the weeks.

Terry and seem to be the only ones anyone would talk about these days. Also, their armies have continued to grow. During the Friday night Arena games, Terry and Libo appeared to be tied at 3’11 and everyone wondered who would break the tie and claim the winning title.

Fortunately for her, Terry did when she beat Libo in a tie breaker. Social media has been flooded with congratulatory messages to the very competitive housemate. Her friend, Mpho, on the other hand has been buzzing all over after she choose to break her ties with Libo.

She seems to be doing well for herself since the break, but we cannot say the same for her. Viewers believe he has tried to poison a lot of minds about her but that hasn’t worked out well for him. Did we mention that he has been talking to Themba about her? Yes, he has.

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