BBMzansi: Venus and Themba / Mpho and Libo Dominate The Trends

The country reacts as Big Brother Mzansi housemates, Themba, Venus, Libo, Mpho and dominate the trends list.

We all love it when the Big Brother Mzansi show gives us so much to talk about. We hear the best things do not only happen when housemates are nominating each other for eviction, they also happen during the weekends.

On Saturday, viewers got exactly what they signed up for when housemates, Themba and Venus got into it following the party. According to videos circulating the net (just in case you missed the show), Themba and Venus passionately locked lips, and the viewers went into a frenzy. While some found it to be the most beautiful thing, others think they aren’t the best match.

Some fans of Venus have stated that she is painting herself in a light that does not suit her especially when alcohol is involved. Oh, and had a few things to say about it. According to her, Themba and Venus “make a lot of sense”, as do “Mpho and Libo”. Sadly, not all the viewers agree with her.

Viewers don’t think that Mpho and Libo are good together. While some believe Libo is using Mpho because her closest person isn’t there anymore, others believe Libo is just playing a game. Recall that they previously fought and later made up. Unfortunately, some viewers are already shipping the two together and calling them “cute” together. Oh, and someone claims to have heard them say they love each other.

Well, we can’t deny that they look good together.

and Venus have also been getting thumbs up from everyone. The bestie ship has been rolling well, and the viewers can’t get enough. They hug more times than anyone, vibe quite well on the dancefloor. Oh, and because of them, “sismance” trended last night.

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