#BBMzansi: Viewers React To Mpho’s Phuthu Fail

Mpho’s kitchen adventure in the house appeared not to have gone well. And she became a topic of discussion among viewers.

She was trying to make phuthu and somehow, according to some viewers, she didn’t get it right. Some of her critics used that phuthu fail to lash out at her for not being competent in the kitchen.

One of her critics mentioned that had dissed the phuthu prepared by Venus, another housemate, only for her, Mpho, to make something that appears worse.

Some viewers think what happened was not a culinary fail, after all, but Mpho’s strategy to elicit sympathy that will see her remain in the house and ultimately win the grand prize of R2 million.

With viewers unable to agree on what led to the phuthu disaster in the house, it would be interesting to see what will play out after the phuthu fail. You can check out some of the reactions so far below.

By the way, the reality show is currently in its third season. The show was previously discontinued for what the organizers dubbed lack of sponsorship. The return of the show left South African jubilant.

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