#BBTitans: Juicy & Yvonne Coupling Up Have Viewers Clapping

Coupling is one thing many viewers look forward to in the Big Brother reality show, and even the merging of Nigerian and South African contestants in what is now known as #BBTitans has not changed that reality.

People want to see the “ships” and most times end up “shipping” before the “ship” actually takes deep roots. Anyway, #BBTitans appears to have gotten a new couple in Juicy and Yvonne. The one is Nigerian and the other is South African.

Viewers are pretty pleased about what is looking like a relationship between the two. In fact, as far as some viewers are concerned, this is a serious relationship that will unite Nigerians and South Africans who have sporadically been at war over xenophobia in the Rainbow Nation.

A look through Big Brother’s history shows that not all relationships that take root in Biggie’s house eventually progress into serious and permanent. In fact, most people are just there to have a good time and go their way.

But would the case of Juicy and Yvonne be any different? That’s one question time will likely answer in the coming days. In the interim, you may check out what fans are saying about the couple.

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