#BBTitans: Meet South African Housemates Ipeleng, Yaya, Nelisa, Thabang & Mmeli

First, it struck many, especially of the Nigerian fan base, as something of a joke given that it’s the election season and many are keen to enthrone a competent leader and not focused on entertainment.

But then it dawned on people that the Big Brother reality show, which has created a special season to bring Nigerians and South Africans together in what is now Big Brother Titans, isn’t going to bend to accommodate the imminent election.

The entertainment must go on. Big Brother Titans, abbreviated #BBTitans is a South-West combination in that it brings together denizens of a West African country with those of another from South Africa, with each person striving to win the ultimate prize, which runs into tens of millions.

When Big Brother Titans was initially announced, it provoked great excitement in South Africa and Nigeria alike, with many fans stating they couldn’t wait for the show to begin.

Well, the show has begun now, and the drama is already unfolding, with Mmeli, Nelisa Ipeleng, Yaya and Thabang already hot in the consciousness of many fans for many reasons, from beauty to… you add the rest.

  • Ipeleng

Ipeleng is a South African and one contestant viewers appear unable to take their eyes away from, It appears like she is not exactly into makeup. The conversation around her so far centres on just how naturally beautiful she is without having her face done in any way.

  • Yaya

Yaya is another housemate who has captured the attention of viewers so far. She is all about body positivity. So you shouldn’t be surprised if you should run into her confidently rocking a bikini. Yaya is another South African on the show. Vivacious and unapologetically confident, she has already won a wave of admirers on the show.

  • Thabang

Thabang appears to have hit many viewers with a bang. Although of spare frame, his lavish good looks is unmistakable and has been a source of attention so far – especially among the ladies. What’s more, he has also charmed many by expressing he has great love for Nigeria.

Whether he means that is unclear, but it might translate to votes from Nigeria. Watch out, as some tweeps say he’s giving Laycon vibes.

  • Nelisa

Equally long on good looks, a reality that hasn’t gone unnoticed is Nelisa. Fans have been pushed to poetry merely by looking at pictures of her. But hey, she doesn’t appear like a pushover, though, and will speak her mind as she pleases.

  • Mmeli

Mmeli’s dream was to make it to the Big Brother Titans show, and he did make it, so it was easy declaiming, “look at God!” He is one of the South Africans who have expressed love for Nigeria.

Could this be a strategy to grab Nigerian votes?

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