BBTitans: Ms. Cosmo, Olivia, Yvonne, Nana, Khosi & Thabang Were The Stars Of The Weekend

In the latest edition of the Big Brother Titans show, fans were treated to a range of emotions, from laughter to sadness. The contestants were seen engaging in various activities and conversations that kept viewers glued to their screens. Ms. Cosmo also entertained viewers with her skillful DJing, while Khosi, Ipeleng, and Tsatsi impressed viewers with their performance during a task.

Fans praise Ms. Cosmo DJ skill

Ms Cosmo, one of South Africa’s most prominent DJs, is Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Titans’ DJ for the weekend. Ms Cosmo’s lively performances and musical choices have captivated audiences throughout the evening. Ms Cosmo’s music energizes the housemates and spectators. Many showgoers have praised Ms Cosmo on social media. One fan tweeted, “Can we pls have Ms Cosmo as the official DJ for every season of BBNaija?”

Ms Cosmo posted images and videos of herself behind the decks and with the roommates on social media. She recently tweeted, “DJing #BBTitans has been a dream! I appreciate your support.”

BBNaija Titans fans love Ms Cosmo’s lively and entertaining performances. Ms Cosmo’s captivating enthusiasm and superb musical talents make her a budding DJ sensation.

The trio of Olivia, Yvonne, and Nana

One of the highlights of the show over the weekend was the Coven Sister’s meeting, which turned into a series. The trio of Olivia, Yvonne, and Nana created a reality show inside the reality show, leaving viewers wanting more. Fans expressed their appreciation for their creativity and called on others to do the same.

Conversation between Khosi and Thabang

There was also a conversation between Khosi and Thabang, with Khosi seen smiling throughout the conversation. Many viewers hailed her for her positive attitude and insightful contributions to the show. Meanwhile, some viewers criticized Nana, Yvonne, and Olivia for allegedly pretending to like South African music and people.


Throughout the show, viewers were entertained by the various conversations and interactions between the contestants. Juicy J, in particular, won the hearts of many with his sweet and charming demeanor towards the women in the house.

Overall, the weekend of the Big Brother Titans show was an emotional rollercoaster, leaving viewers laughing, crying, and everything in between. Fans eagerly await the next episode to see what other surprises the contestants have in store for them.

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