‘BBTitans’: Sandra and Theo Have Left The Big Brother House

Housemates Sandra and Theo have been voted out of the Big Brother house.

The new Big Brother show tagged “BBTitans” has been entertaining viewers since it started a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the show is meant to have one winner, and everyone is wondering who that will be.

ended for housemates Sandra and Theo last Sunday after they were evicted from the house. Speaking about her elimination, Sandra said that it was a surprise to her because she never expected it. She said,

“There’s been so much. My first highlight would be walking into the house the way I did; about the wager task, I never thought I could do something with my hands and get creative. I wasn’t expecting to go out. You know the vibes. I’m always fire. I was stepping on toes and cracking necks,”

Theo spoke about having good moments and regrets. He also spoke about being confrontational too early in the show. He said, “Maybe I could have handled things a lot better. I wanted to stay a little longer.”

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