“Be Right Back” – Samthing Soweto Addresses Fans After Another Round Of Silence

Not long ago, Samthing Soweto disappeared from social media, leaving fans worried and asking questions about his whereabouts and welfare. End act one.

And then the songster had shared pictures of him which showed he had lost weight – “become emaciated,” according to some fans. Anyway, the songster had disappeared from the scene again. And, as usual, questions started flying.

Well, after another round of silence, the songster had returned to Instagram again. He is also apologetic for his silence. In the clip he shared, he apologised and noted that he would be right back – in which case fans should expect either a tour or new music. Perhaps both. You can check out the clip below.

Samthing Soweto has come a long way as a musician. By his own confession, he was saved from a life of crime by music. He had previously been jailed for robbery but eventually regained his freedom. Since then, he has focused on music.

And he’s been good at it, too, working with some of the key names in the game and putting out numbers that the public can relate with. For now, y’all gotta keep your eyes peeled for what follows. We’ll bring them to you.

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