Beatmochini Announces “The Park Bench” EP Release Date

Beatmochini announces a release date for "The Park Bench" EP

Beatmochini shares the official release date for his upcoming EP titled “The Park Bench”.

There has been an undeniable release frenzy happening among Mzansi artists and disc jockeys lately. Can you blame them though? If you had all this free time in your hands, you’d definitely spend time recording new music and dropping them.

You might have heard that Beatmochini is dropping a brand new project soon. It’s an EP titled “The Park Bench”. He has now announced an official release date for it. Taking to Instagram recently, he shared the cover photo of the EP which featured various shots of himself. In the post captions, he revealed the release date to be 30th May 2020.

It is nice to know the lockdown isn’t stopping Mzansi artists and DJs from releasing new music as planned. He previously dropped “I Hate” featuring Tswyza and Lection. We can’t wait for the new project to be released, because it would definitely feature some really good songs.


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