Beef Ignited As Speedsta Insist Nasty C Is Lying About Owning ‘Bamm Bamm’

Another beef could be getting nurtured in the rap industry as hit producer/ DJ, Speedsta calls out Nasty C for allegedly lying about the ownership of his “Bam Bam” song that was released as far back as 2016.

The “There They Go” crooner claimed he made the beat, hook and verse of the song and sent it to Speedsta, he went on that the DJ took time working on it and he had to send it to Pierre who finally worked on it.

The DJ replied that the rapper wasn’t being honest about how the matter unfolded, saying he would have posted conversations from his old twitter as that was where they talked about making the song, saying he gave him the song to work on and collected it months later when he was done working on it.

Nasty C later clarified that the DJ was still missing the whole point, which is the song wasn’t the DJs but his. See how it all went down below:

Speedsta claims he own the song:

Nasty C replied:

CAP Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing CAP CAP CAP. FIRST OF ALL NIGGA, I MADE THE BEAT, DROPPED HOOK & VERSE AND SENT IT TO YOU, THEN YOU SLEPT ON IT, SO ME & PIERRE DECIDED TO SNATCH IT BACK AND DROP IT.. YOU DIDNT GIVE ME NO SONG BRO Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing WHYYYY

Speedsta replied again:

I’m not gonna do this with you.

Read your last tweet.

If only I had my old Twitter cuz that’s where you & I did most of communication via DM.

Fact of the matter, you gave me the song & asked for it back months later. Why would you ask for it back if you didn’t give it to me?

Nasty C replied:

That’s not the point, point is you acting like you gracefully gave me the song ‘coz I needed it’, when it wasn’t yours to begin with

Speedsta ended with:

Nah you chose to take it that way. You also decided to tweet it without context. We made “Side Chick” which I didn’t release, we then worked on “I Want it All” which u didn’t wanna shoot for because you weren’t comfortable with how it came out & in tern you passed me “Bam Bam”