Behind The Story: Pearl Thusi’s Emotional Moment During Sit-Down With Khanyi Mbau

It was an emotional moment for actress and television presenter Pearl Thusi during her sit-down with Khanyi Mbau.

Khanyi Mbau has an abiding love for skin lightening and has lightened her skin to her heart’s content. She is unapologetic about her decision and has no qualms telling everyone this, everyone who cares to listen. It didn’t start today.

It was inevitable, then, that skin lightening should form one of the topics when she discussed with Pearl Thusi.

Halfway through the interview, it became apparent that Pearl Thusi also had her own skin story, lightly different from Khanyi Mbau’s. It was an emotional moment for Pearl Thusi as she recalled being bullied because of her skin tone.

Pearl Thusi often refers to herself as “Brown Skinned Girl” and “The Real Black Pearl,” but some peeps are unimpressed by both appellations, thinking her not black enough – whatever that means. You may want to check out the clip of her si-down with Khanyi Mbau below.

What do you think about skin lightening and Pearl Thusi getting emotional while recollecting she was bullied because of her skin tone? Have you got a similar skin story to share? You might want to drop them in the comment section below.

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